Human Resources

Kıraç Group Human Resources Policy

Kıraç Group is committed to creating a supportive and empowering work environment for its employees. In all human resources processes, Kıraç Group evaluates its employees based on their performance, knowledge, and experience, without any discrimination.

The goal of Kıraç Group's human resources management is to develop and implement long-term, value-creating strategies that align with the company's vision and business objectives.

Kıraç Group's human resources policies and practices are designed to create a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that can support sustainable growth in line with the company's business strategies and brand values. The company aims to create motivated and innovative employees and teams with high corporate loyalty who can add value to the organization, all within the framework of the company's values and culture.

Kıraç Group's human resources vision focuses on strategic goals, continuously improving motivation by establishing measurable systems, supporting an innovative organizational climate, unleashing the potential performance of employees, respecting laws, and being a preferred leader company in the sector.

The company recognizes that employee development is critical to keeping up with changes in the world, and it works to design processes that create value and implement applications that support this strategy. Kıraç Group performs all of these processes with guidance from its core values.

Selection and Placement

Our selection and placement system aims to attract individuals who possess a high level of education, are receptive to innovation and change, have an entrepreneurial mindset, are dynamic, have the potential to develop themselves and their work, are team players, and embrace and uphold our company's values.

We prioritize equal opportunity in our selection and placement process by considering the competencies required for the job, including knowledge, skills, and behavior, and by avoiding any form of discrimination or favoritism.

Our personnel selection process involves the following steps;

  • Application
  • Examination
  • Interview
  • Reference check
  • Evaluation
  • Job offer

Employee Development

At our organization, we believe that it is the responsibility of both the employee and the management to develop themselves and the business, and to create value for our stakeholders. Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of their professional growth and to continuously learn and improve their skills within their areas of expertise. The management is committed to providing the necessary resources and guidance to support this process and to help our employees apply their knowledge effectively to their work. By working together towards this shared goal, we aim to achieve sustainable success for our organization and contribute to the well-being of our employees and society as a whole.

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