Sustainability lies at the heart of Kıraç Group's business strategy, and we strive to minimize our environmental impacts across all sectors in which we operate.

We also prioritize social responsibility projects aimed at improving the welfare and health of society. Our ultimate goal is to shape a sustainable future and add value to our stakeholders.

To this end, we are committed to decarbonization, the most important aspect of our sustainability strategy. In the energy sector, we invest in renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions, including the establishment of solar power plants close to 100MW, charging stations infrastructure for electric vehicles, and energy monitoring systems and efficiency projects.

In the production sector, we invest in waste management, recycling, and environmentally friendly production technologies to contribute to waste reduction and more efficient use of natural resources.

In the medical sector, we develop products and processes that reduce environmental impacts to promote the sustainability of the health sector.

In the construction industry, we support the construction of green buildings and sustainable construction technologies to build environmentally friendly buildings.

And in the technology sector, we invest in the development and use of sustainable technologies to reduce the environmental impact of technology.

In addition to these investments, we continuously monitor our carbon footprint to reach our target carbon emission level. As Kıraç Group, we actively work towards the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which are a crucial component of our sustainability strategy.

Through innovative projects related to sustainability, we constantly evaluate our environmental, social, and economic impacts across all sectors in which we operate. Our goal is to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and create a more livable world for future generations.