Kıraç Group was established in 1982 with the aim of having a say in the electricity market. It consists of Kıraç Electricity, Kıraç Metal, Kıraç Automation, Kıraç Galvanized and Kıraç It companies which support each other in five different fields of activity. Since its foundation, it has been investing in the future by providing customer satisfaction with high quality products and services. Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America and continues its long-term relationships all over the world.

Delivering projects that we take responsibility for, fulfilling all needs and demands, defines the essential necessity for us. The success rate is more than that. By moving projects beyond expectations, when we develop tomorrow-oriented ideas, we are fully qualified. It is another success measure to reflect our ability to efficiently work, effective planning, rational logistics and rapid decision making as low costs to projects.

Experiences, regular information access and effective structuring are reflected in speed and fluency. Developing solutions at the center of demand and demand always provide a constructive understanding. It is unusual for large projects that have passed through life conditions. The ability to quickly adapt to new conditions creates extraordinarily effective results. It is also important that the projects remain as permanent as they are. In the planning phase of the projects, all preparations are made with long term predictions. Sustainability is ensured by well-analyzed environmental conditions.



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